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Welcome! If you’re curious about us, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the questions you’re likely pondering.

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MMA Gaming

What exactly is MMA Gaming? Think of us as a Superguild. We harness a vast array of assets and players, employing these resources to earn within play-to-earn virtual environments. Our operations began with an extensive team dedicated to Axies, accruing invaluable operational expertise over nearly a year—expertise not all guilds can claim from the outset. Our growth engine lies in reinvesting and diversifying our in-game earnings, enabling us to venture into new gaming realms, develop optimization tools, and establish crucial partnerships, among other advancements.

Discovering MMA Gaming

Why might MMA Gaming be new to you? Initially, we took root as a prominent Axies team. As we expand our gaming portfolio and diversify our endeavors, we’ve embraced the MMA Gaming identity. Presently, we’re stepping out of stealth mode, eager to share our vision with the world.

Keeping Up with MMA Gaming

How can you stay informed about MMA Gaming’s latest? Discord is your go-to for the freshest news and milestones, with announcements appearing there first. For additional insights, don’t miss out on following us on Twitter and Medium.

Behind the Scenes: Our Team

Who powers MMA Gaming? Our core contributors hail from a tapestry of professional landscapes, including DeFi, gaming, risk management, and development, with experiences spanning hedge funds, semiconductor design, investment banking, and data analysis for professional soccer teams. Notably, about half of our founding members are fully transparent about their identities.

Our Current Assets

What assets do we possess at this moment? Stay tuned for announcements.

The ‘Big Idea’ Unveiled

What’s the buzz about the ‘Big Idea’? While many guilds focus on creating seamless onboarding solutions for scholars or transforming into platforms beyond guild boundaries, MMA Gaming is setting its sights on something revolutionary. Our vision includes an onboarding platform and player dashboards, but our ‘Big Idea’ revolves around leveraging our team’s expertise in Commodities and Options to introduce groundbreaking Play-to-Earn (P2E) services. This ambitious approach sets us apart, and we’re thrilled about the possibilities. Details will be disclosed as we approach our launch.

Joining MMA Gaming as a Player

Is it possible to play for the guild? Absolutely. Our current focus is on maximizing the growth of our existing assets and scholar base. However, as we anticipate the introduction of more viable gaming titles next year, we’ll be on the lookout for adept gamers to join our ranks, both as players and strategic mentors.